November 9, 2005

Why Wal-Mart Works -Trailer

why_smiley.jpgGo here to see a three-minute trailer for the upcoming Why Wal-Mart Works film. If the trailer is representative of the film, I think you will find that "pro-Wal-Mart" is not exactly a good phrase to describe the film. Neither is "fair and balanced"; instead, it goes in an entirely different direction...

You can pre-order on Amazon, where reviewers are already panning and praising the film, even though it hasn't yet been screened.

UPDATE: I just spoke to Ron Galloway, the producer of the film. He says the not even he has seen the final cut of the film, so all the talk on Amazon is just hot air.

Posted by Kevin on November, 9 2005 at 09:19 AM