November 9, 2005

Experimental II

Wal-Mart is opening up another one of those experimental supercenters -- this time in Aurora, CO. Incredibly, the general public can view pretty detailed statistics for the store online in "real time". (Note to WM Facts -- your link goes to the wrong webpage!)

However, klbrowser is ambivalent:

Seems that a brand new Wally World (Wal-Mart) is opening tomorrow in my neighborhood. I have mixed feelings about this. Local Wal-Marts have gotten a bad rap because of their bullying tactics in discouraging unionization. And of course I don't like the way the employees are treated or paid. But on the other hand, this is very near my home, and it would take a lot less energy for me to shop there than it would for me to drive to my neighboring town to shop the nearest Target. If they have elecric carts, that is. And face it, with no income at the moment, I can't afford to shop at the more expensive places. So I am gonna take a peek at the new store tomorrow, mainly out of curiosity. This is one of only two Wal-Marts in the world made primarily of recycled materials. It has solar panels and wind machines, and is heated with vegetable oil. I probably will not shop there regularly, especially once the LTD company starts paying. But I hope no one will see me as the devil for setting foot in there.


The Wal-Mart press kit (WARNING PDF - 17MB) contains lovely drawings and photos, including this one comparing the height of a wind turbine to the Statue of Liberty.

Also, the store has a dedicated RV and parking area, for those of you interested in such things, and a gas station with portable above-ground tanks;

The main benefit of the portable design of the TFS is that the storage tanks and all delivery pipes are above ground... The storage tank is completely enclosed in a traffic impact rated housing that has also been rated to withstand ballistic assaults... Another benefit to having the TFS system is that it allows for other types of future development. This system is portable, and can easily be removed. The site would be clear of any environmental concerns, unlike historic gas station sites.

Posted by Kevin on November, 9 2005 at 08:24 AM