September 19, 2005

Gary Sutton on WM

In Voice of San Diego Gary Sutton has an intemperate screed against Wal-Mart opponents, but he closes with creative destruction:

So, why worry, right? Wal-Mart isn't as experienced at buying political influence as the unions are. My bet is, because Wal-Mart has no choice, they'll learn to. And in 2030 A.D., should Wal-Mart management decide to raise prices, having squished all competition, somebody new will start opening stores just a block away from each of theirs, undercut Wal-Mart, the public will love this new outfit for it, and just like Montgomery Ward and JC Penney and Woolworths and A&P and Sears and K-Mart faded fast into history, so will Wal-Mart. That's how this free enterprise thing works.

Posted by Kevin on September, 19 2005 at 09:04 AM