May 23, 2005

No Cleveland Wal-Mart Updated

If you care about Cleveland, and you care about keeping out Wal-Mart, No Cleveland Walmart is a group blog for you.

This deals with the Steelyard Commons, which I briefly blogged about here.

The Steelyard Commons project hit a wall when Wal-Mart bowed out of the deal earlier this year.

City council tried to put limits on the store.

But, Mayor Jane Campbell got Wal-Mart to take a second look.

Now, they�ve taken out building permits with developer Mitch Schneider to start work on a store that will include the kind of supersize grocery council feared would hurt local stores and workers.

�The day we open, grocery prices will get much more competitive in the city regardless of where residents shop and that�s a terrific value for everyone shopping in the city of Cleveland,� said Keith Morris of Wal-Mart community affairs.

Needless to say, Wal-Mart's opponents have gathered forces once again...

UPDATED: 100 protestors show up at a City Council meeting to protest Cambell, who wasn't even there.

Posted by Kevin on May, 23 2005 at 06:54 PM