May 24, 2005

Buffalo Needs Wal-Mart

Well, I think even Wal-Mart's opponents should recognize that, even by their own view of WM's regional impact, having a new Wal-Mart is better than the status quo in Buffalo, NY. MARY KUNZ GOLDMAN opines

Yes, to many folks, Wal-Mart is the Giant Shop of Horrors. Organized labor, angry that the store isn't unionized, warns that it pays low wages. Citizens are happy to take up the cry. "Wal-Mart is pure evil," reads one typical rant on the Internet.

So let me offer Wal-Mart a word of advice: You can pack up those $8 camisoles and $13 swimsuits and take them to the City of Buffalo!...

We could get a Wal-Mart and still keep the Elmwood clothes shops and the Hertel antique shops. Remember the flap a few years ago over Starbucks possibly driving Spot Coffee out of business? It didn't happen.

So let's talk turkey. What about a Wal-Mart in our downtown AM&A's building? If $500 dresses didn't sell there, $10 skirts might. Or, how about one of those old warehouses in Black Rock?

Posted by Kevin on May, 24 2005 at 12:24 PM