April 3, 2005

Another Anti-WM Blog

Add another to the list -- Global Watch Wal-Mart -- whose author prefers to remain anonymous:

I hope my reflections and random thoughts will stimulate discussion and action on Wal-Mart's global conduct. By way of disclosure, my blog does not pretend to be objective or neutral. But my critiques of Wal-Mart will be accurate.
The posts are very well put together, but are very infrequent.

I found this blog by looking for the "Center for Community and Corporate Ethics". I don't know who the author is, but the domain registrant is Nicco Mele, who was Howard Dean's webmaster, and is CEO of EchoDitto.

EchoDitto put together that deceptive Purple Ocean site I debunked earlier.

Posted by Kevin on April, 3 2005 at 02:05 PM