December 2, 2004

More Free Advertising for WM

People just won't let up on WM's lackluster Black Friday, to the point that the AP is now giving people warning that WM will have an expanded advertising campaign to remind people of its low prices. Really:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc., stung by a lackluster start to the holiday shopping season, said Thursday it is launching a new advertising campaign to remind its customers of its low prices.

The world's largest retailer is starting the price-focused ad blitz Friday in newspapers, television and radio, said spokeswoman Mona Williams, and feature two dozen key items, mainly toys and electronics, on which the company is cutting prices. ``That's what people are buying,'' she said.

See also this Adam Christian compilation of responses to Daniel Gross' negative assessment of WM:
Of the probable causes of Wal-Mart's decline cited by Gross, the saturation model won out resoundingly among fraysters over the "limits of cheapness" theory.
Christian links to this Simon Head New York Review of Books article:
The exploitation of the working poor is now central to the business strategy favored by America's most powerful and, by some criteria, most successful corporation. With the re-election of a president as enamored of corporate power as George W. Bush, there is every prospect that this strategy and its harsh practices will continue to spread throughout the economy.
Can you guess Mr. Head's politics from this conclusion?

Posted by Kevin on December, 2 2004 at 08:52 PM