May 20, 2004

Michelle Malkin @ WM

In Human Events Michelle Malkin writes that English is under assault, and uses Wal-Mart as one of her examples:

At my local Wal-Mart, nationwide employer of workers of dubious immigration status, I listened as a checkout lady from Africa blabbed endlessly in her native language to two visitors hanging out by her station. She didn't bother greeting me or looking at me. When I asked for a bag of items that she had forgotten to put in my cart, she ignored me. "Pardon me, can I have my bag?" I asked. "WAH?!" she finally said with a snarl, offended that I had interrupted her conversation.

Whatever happened to "Thank you, please come again"?

I find this odd, simply because most of the African immigrants I know are no more or less cheerful or English-speaking than the average Latin American or Asian immigrant, although less likely to have learned English than continental European immigrants. (They grew up wealthier).

In this particular case, Ms. Malkin should have complained to the store manager about the individual in question instead of to her readers about immigrants in general.

Posted by Kevin on May, 20 2004 at 09:38 AM