October 26, 2005

The Internal Memo

Stephen Greenhouse and Michael Barbaro of The New York Times obtained a copy of an internal Wal-Mart memo discussing how to balance benefits costs with Associate satisfaction and public reputation.

I'll read it all later, but I have to note how carefully written even internal Wal-Mart memos are... For instance, contra Greenhouse and Barbaro, the memo doesn't state that Wal-Mart should "discourage" unhealthy workers, but that "Wal-Mart should seek to attract a healthier workforce."

H/T:Credo Advisors

UPDATE: Ah, Ms. Chambers does use the word "dissuade" (She'll think twice about that again), and I agree that the NYTimes did a good job at getting beyond the verbiage. It's true, Wal-Mart proposed that it make jobs more physical so as to make the jobs less attractive to unhealthier people. But there's so much more in this report than that.

What I don't understand is why the unhealthier people like Wal-Mart's health insurance more than the healthy!

Most troubling, the least healthy, least productive Associates are more satisfied with their benefits than other segments and are interested in longer careers with Wal-Mart.

Read the comments below, as the first reflects heart-felt opinion, and the second good thinking.

Posted by Kevin on October, 26 2005 at 09:53 AM