September 9, 2005

Rejected, Again!

scott_houston.jpgALP was recently (and understandably) rejected by The NewsMarket, after I applied for journalist access to video about Wal-Mart's Katrina relief efforts -- specifically H. Lee Scott touring the Astrodome. I was ready to experiment by converting the video to web-quality and hosting some interesting snippets, but the best laid plans....

Of course, ALP is not established or mainstream journalism, and I don't begrudge the NM folks, but I would expect Wal-Mart to provide us new media folks with greater access to the information provided to broadcast stations (within reason). If we can obtain all the written press releases as the big boys, I'd argue that we should have access to photo and video archives too.

Posted by Kevin on September, 9 2005 at 04:41 PM