September 1, 2005

Med-Point Express

The Shouth Bend Tribune has a great piece on Wal-Mart's new healthcare facility in Mishawaka, IN:

MISHAWAKA -- It doesn't feel hospital-like with its decor of earthy tones. And there's no 20-minute wait for a doctor after the nurse takes you back and checks your temperature.

The nurse is your doctor.

Patients know up front what a visit will cost from the menu board on the storefront.

Cough: $45.

Pregnancy test: $21.

Strep screening: $20.

Insect Bite: $38.

Seasonal flu shot: $22.

And the entire visit will take 15 minutes maximum at Med-Point Express, the new retail-based primary care clinic that opens Monday in Mishawaka.

Nurses will be evaluating, diagnosing and treating about 30 common illnesses including sore throat, sinus infections and ear infections.

The clinic is sandwiched between a nail salon and portrait studio in the front of the Wal-Mart superstore at 316 Indian Ridge Blvd. It is a new trend in medical care -- fast medical care that is affordable as well as convenient for customers.

Inside Indian Business has an audio interview with a Senior VP of Memorial Medical Group.

Posted by Kevin on September, 1 2005 at 01:19 PM