July 25, 2005

WM Horror Stories Not True

The No Cleveland Wal-Mart folks won't like this article by Steve Maich:

Wal-Mart isn't engaged in a series of messy local zoning disputes. It's at war with a well-financed, well-organized opposition, determined to fight it on every front. From Los Angeles to the Saguenay, from Hartford, Conn., to Vancouver, a broad array of activist groups and unions have launched protests, lawsuits and ad campaigns, all aimed at discrediting Wal-Mart, halting its growth, and unionizing its workforce.

Like most wars, it's about money and power, and the first casualty is truth. Because even after all the scrutiny and analysis of the Wal-Mart phenomenon, most of what we've been told -- about worker abuse, destroyed small-town economies, crushed suppliers and greedy management -- is wrong.

And the UFCW spokesman is really classy:
"They just fuckin' destroy jobs, period, because they replace high-paying jobs with low-paying jobs."
A trifecta: Crude, internally inconsistent, and deviod of fact!

Steve Maich has politics that are hard to pin down, so he can't be accused of being a WM shill. You can read Steve Maich's blog All Business, and decide for yourself.

Posted by Kevin on July, 25 2005 at 11:02 AM