July 7, 2005

Campaign Tested Tactics?

Raging Pundits refutes some grievances against Wal-Mart in this Tom Curry piece.

I'll leave that reading for you, but I'd like to point out a different angle:

Now the union has recruited strategists from the 2004 Howard Dean and Wesley Clark campaigns, and they are mounting a crusade that goes beyond the usual union tactics, such as the boycott or shareholder resolution expressing disapproval of a company�s policies.
Should Wal-Mart be scared or overjoyed about the direction taken by Wake-Up Wal-Mart? The please-the-extreme activism of the Dean and Clark strategists didn't work out well in the 2004 election, and I'd argue will not work in swaying public opinion against WM. What precisely are their new methods?
Blank and Kofinis are deploying election campaign-tested tactics to assail Wal-Mart: running petition drives and holding house parties, canvassing at farmers� markets, stockpiling an e-mail list and conducting conference calls to marshal the efforts of local anti-Wal-Mart activists.
These might be campaign-tested, but what did the campaign-tests reveal? Note that I'm on the WUWM email list, and can listen in to the conference calls if I so desired, so you'd better believe Wal-Mart has people doing the same.

Posted by Kevin on July, 7 2005 at 03:41 PM