June 2, 2005

WM Documentary

In case you just can't get enough of Wal-Mart, there is to be a new documentary entitled Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price:

Their plan is to depict what they and a growing number of critics perceive to be Wal-Mart's sins against society: unfair competition and erosion of the fabric of communities; exploitation of its American workers, and of the government welfare programs many rely on to supplement their wages and benefits; union busting; reliance on suppliers with sweatshops overseas; and environmental negligence, among others.

They also intend to show how the retailer exerts its outsized influence on American culture through the so-called "Wal-Mart effect," by limiting the choices of products like clothing, music - and movies - that are available to consumers.

"Nobody else has a million and a half workers..."
Except, of course, the U.S. military, which has never been accused of determining the wages of non-military personnel.

[H/T: Producer Jim Gilliam]

Posted by Kevin on June, 2 2005 at 08:47 AM