June 3, 2005

Shareholder's Protest (Updated)

As often happens, the media nearly outnumbered the protesters last night at Against the Wal's march against Wal-Mart. Nothing much to report. There were about twenty-five people walking up Dickson street and chanting anti-WM slogans. The whole thing seemed a bit disjointed as they chose to protest in Fayetteville's bar district rather than thirty-five miles away in Bentonville where Wal-Mart is actually headquartered.

UPDATE: (Same or Different?) protestors are arrested:

wmeattown.jpgPolice said five men and one woman used glue early Wednesday to stick posters that criticized Wal-Mart on several campus buildings. One of the posters said "Everyday Low Wages," and the other said "I Will Eat Your Town and Smile."

Officers said the group also spray-painted anti-Wal-Mart slogans on campus...
Five people were arrested and charged with criminal mischief. Two of those arrested are from Fayetteville, and the others involved in the case are from Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and New Jersey. No names were immediately released.

Posted by Angus on June, 3 2005 at 06:26 AM