June 15, 2005

More Diversity, More Lawsuits

Wal-Mart makes Black Enterprise's top 30 best companies for diversity, and WM VP David E. Jackson is one of the most powerful black corporate executives in the country. Here's a profile of Mr. Jackson from 1997, and another from February of this year.

Yet a disturbing logic is clear; greater diversity means a greater probability of being sued because of alleged discrimination:

This year, Wal-Mart was also listed on the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility's (HACR) Corporate Index as one of the top 10 companies for Hispanics. Asian Enterprise magazine also included Wal-Mart in its listing of the top 10 companies for Asian Americans....

The magazine also noted, "... In fact, one of the ironies of corporate diversity is that the fewer minority employees a company has, the less likely it is to face a workplace discrimination suit. While the business of diversity may sometimes be difficult, it is important to laud those who are aggressively pursuing initiatives toward changing corporate America's status quo."

Wal-Mart is currently facing the largest-ever U.S. class action on charges that it discriminates against women in pay and promotions.

Posted by Kevin on June, 15 2005 at 09:55 AM