June 6, 2005

Links of the day

1) Wal-Mart to clean up stores:

Executives at the world�s biggest retailer said their �game plan� for this year involves targeting wealthier shoppers who may buy basics like food at Wal-Mart but look elsewhere for fashionable items like clothing and housewares.

�We aren�t where we need to be, especially in the Wal-Mart stores in the US,� chief executive officer Lee Scott told a crowd of 20,000 gathered for the annual meeting here.

2) 12 Safeway stores in Northern Ireland are bought by Asda:

William Morrison Supermarkets Plc, which bought Safeway Plc last year, agreed to sell 12 Safeway stores in Northern Ireland to Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s Asda, Britain's second-biggest supermarket chain.

3) 72 year old Wal-Mart greeter no match for shoplifter:

A store security guard was chasing shoplifting suspect Bradley Chapman out of the door when the security alarm sounded. The greeter got the suspect on the ground, but officials say Chapman got free and got into the car with his wife and son.

4) H. Lee Scott wants WM to go organic:

Scott proclaimed he is "excited about organic food, the fastest growing category in all of food, and at Wal-Mart." He said people in all income brackets want organic food products for their family, and lower-income families should not be denied such goods due to high prices.

Posted by Kevin on June, 6 2005 at 09:28 AM