May 16, 2005

Small Business Importing from China

Here's one very important view I hadn't really thought of at all:

And that's the next phase of problem for large retailers like Wal-Mart. Large numbers of Chinese factories are setting up warehouses inside U.S., ship their products to the mainland USA, and sell direct to small retailers at low profit margins. Believe me when I say this: When it comes to entrepreneurship, the Chinese entrepreneurs are second to none. With thousands upon thousands of factories in China making products for export, some smarter ones have figured out that it is to their advantage to set up warehouses in the USA so that they can sell in ever-smaller quantities to their U.S. customers. Believe it or not, the Chinese factories are now selling their products directly on eBay from within U.S. borders. We are an importer of products from China and I now see Chinese suppliers in the U.S. who are selling the same products I am importing, at or slightly above my direct container quantity cost with no minimums. How can the likes of Wal-Mart compete with that?

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Posted by Kevin on May, 16 2005 at 02:59 PM