May 6, 2005

Hours of Service Issue

Trucker Dick Williams has a conflicting first-hand opinion on the failure of Wal-Mart to get changes in permissible trucking hours:

Congress just agreed to stay out of the Hours of Service issue - there was a proposal and potential House amendment that would have liberalized the Hours of Service - permitted more on duty time - mainly an initiative by a Wal-Mart friendly Rep from Arkansas. But he didn't push the amendment and Congress stayed out of directly writing trucking regs. Wal-Mart was unhappy, the Teamsters and traffic safety folks were happy. Guess I was happy too in the interest of common sense but I would actually like to see one additional hour of on duty time - total of 15 versus 14 hours. That would fit my particular needs and allow an additional hour of on-d uty non driving time for more flexibility in napping. But it would be abused - heck we abuse the hours now. Sort of like setting a speed limit at 70 to keep people under 80.

Posted by Kevin on May, 6 2005 at 04:55 PM