April 8, 2005

Small Stores Won't Suffer in Hillsboro, NH

Many residents did not like hearing the summary of the economic impact statement paid for by Wal-Mart but directed by the local government of Hillsboro, NH:

HILLSBORO - Building a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Hillsboro would help the local economy by drawing new shoppers to town and keeping residents from traveling to Concord to spend their money, an economic analysis on the project shows....

"Conventional wisdom is that Wal-Mart kills mom-and-pop retailers, but the impact appears to be more on other national discounters and chain stores...."

Of 46 retail outfits in town, only nine, including Rite-Aid and Shaw's, would compete directly with Wal-Mart. Another eight stores, including Aubuchon Hardware and Radio Shack, would compete somewhat with Wal-Mart....

Here's the real fear:
Thibeault also confirmed a fear held by many Wal-Mart opponents: that more big box stores, like Lowe's and Staples, will probably follow once Wal-Mart builds. While some residents may not find the stores aesthetically pleasing, they do tend to give towns a financial boost, Thibeault said.

David Fullerton asked how many more box stores might come.

"Seventeen," Thibeault said.

"Oh my God!" Fullerton gasped.

"No, I'm just kidding."Thibeault said. "I don't know." He said he is about 85 percent finished with the study and he will look into how much land is left in town where large stores could be built.

Posted by Kevin on April, 8 2005 at 08:25 PM