April 21, 2005

IBD: WM Shouldn't Have Bothered

This editorial from Investor's Business Daily, while defending Wal-Mart, makes the more important point that Wal-Mart shouldn't have bothered with its 2-day media event:

Outside a clear-eyed editorial in Monday's USA Today, Wal-Mart has gotten little from its media junket. And even that positive press was offset by a USA Today op-ed article by United Food and Commercial Workers President Joe Hansen; he portrayed the company as a vicious monster in need of shackles.

The grievance list against Wal-Mart fits neatly into any 500-word newspaper story or two-minute TV report: It pays low wages, offers lousy health-care benefits, forces its people into public assistance, resists unionization, and so on.

We weren't invited to Bentonville, Ark., for the media event, so we can set the record straight without feeling bought....

Wal-Mart is big and successful. We doubt it will find friends or defenders in the media it has courted � or among the activist groups that have vilified it. It'll just have to be satisfied doing what it does: selling people goods they want at prices they can afford. You know, what businesses are supposed to do.

It also reminds people that Wal-Mart has a right not to have unions...

Posted by Kevin on April, 21 2005 at 06:48 AM