April 8, 2005

Giant Expoloitation

Russ Roberts has an excellent assessment of Giant Foods support of a bill that will restrict competition from Wal-Mart:

Ironically, if this bill passes it will hurt workers by lowering the demand for their services. It will hurt consumers who will end up paying higher prices for groceries. It will help Giant and its unions.

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) said lobbying on the issue from labor groups was "very light."

Oh, right. They don't really care. It's not that important. Nooooo.

"It's an issue that's been around for a while, and all of us recognize that Wal-Mart doesn't do right by its employees," Miller said.

Great insight, Senate President Miller. Thank you for insulting the employees who choose to work at Wal-Mart for reasons you cannot decipher. Thank you for making it harder to operate a business and hire employees in our state. Thank you for making people's lives harder by making food more expensive. And most of all, thank you for encouraging other businesses to turn to you rather than trying harder as a way of staying in business.

Posted by Kevin on April, 8 2005 at 08:06 AM