April 26, 2005


BIGresearch produces the Small Business Confidence Index for Wal-Mart. They also produced a ccomparison of Wal-Mart shoppers and other store shoppers. They found that WM has quite a bit to gain from nibbling on competitors' markets:

Percent of best customers shared with Wal-Mart

Shoes: Payless 71%

Electronics: Best Buy 62%

Linens & Bedding: Bed, Bath & Beyond 54%

Home Improvement: Home Depot 64%

Prescriptions: Walgreens 71%

Groceries: Kroger 65%

Look at those last three, and say uh-oh!

The full report is $249, so I haven't read it. Keep updated about BIGresearch on their blog.

Posted by Kevin on April, 26 2005 at 03:34 PM