March 10, 2005

Murphysboro Residents Fight Back

Since there are no zoning or land-use ordinances in the County, the city wants to push a new WM Supercenter away from a residential neighborhood, and then annex to the city the area around WM so that the city gets the tax revenue.

Talk about having cake and eating it too:

"The county has basically no jurisdiction. Jackson County has no zoning, has no land use ordinances. So we have no authority to stop anything from coming into any area of the county," says Gary Hartlieb Chairman of the Jackson County Board.

So with little to no leverage in where the super store will be built, the only other alternative city leaders have as an option, would be to zone the area into the city limits.

"It's going to be much harder to go out and reach out and bring that property into the city of Murphysboro. So with the city fathers, or whoever would be Mayor, would have to step up I think and make an attempt to annex that area in. We would need that sales tax revenue," Mayor Williams said.

Posted by Kevin on March, 10 2005 at 11:19 AM