March 23, 2005

Ham Lake, Washtenaw, and Ogden

Here's a list of recent locations where WM has pulled back for reconsideration, or has faced serious heat:

Ham Lake:

Wal-Mart officials have shelved their plan to build a 200,000-square-foot store in Ham Lake.

The giant discount retailer withdrew a rezoning request last week, preempting a City Council vote Monday that was expected to derail the project.

Wal-Mart officials couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday, but Ham Lake officials said the retailer could come back with a revised, possibly smaller, proposal.

Washtenaw County, South of Ann Arbor, MI:

Some Washtenaw County residents held a "Wal-Mart Not Welcome" rally on Tuesday afternoon to protest the proposed opening of a store in the area. Wal-Mart

The rally is the second against the proposed 166,000-square-foot supercenter at the corner of State Street and Campus Parkway.

Organizers of the protest, which took place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., are part of a group of residents that fear the store would add traffic to the area, kill small businesses and snuff out the small-town charm of the community

The latter also offers a survey with rather narrow options:
Do you think a Wal-Mart store would be a welcome addition to your community?
Yes. It offers discount prices and a place to one-stop shop.

No. It would put small businesses out and ruin the small-town charm.

Hey! Can't it be yes and no? And small towns in Michigan have charm? Not that I saw... Anyway, the results are currently 172 no - 137 yes.

Wal-Mart defeated in Ogden, because eminent domain is no longer permitted:

Governor Huntsman signed a bill reducing the power of city re-development agencies. The Ogden RDA wanted to use eminent domain to bring a Wal-Mart to town. Now that's gone....

Littrell couldn't tell you how many times her group stood outside and protested, only that their message was clear. A city shouldn't be allowed to use eminent domain to get rid of a neighborhood, just to make room for a private business like Wal-Mart.

Dorothy Littrell: ´┐ŻEminent domain had its purpose for the purposes of government.´┐Ż

But in this case, she says this Wal-Mart isn't for government purpose.

To be seen as caring for the private property of community members, Wal-Mart should immediately renounce the use of eminent domain by governments it plans to do business with.

Posted by Kevin on March, 23 2005 at 11:25 AM