March 31, 2005

Dealing with a New Supercenter

A new supercenter will be hard on many existing retailers, but will be even harder on all existing politicians. So writes Kenneth Stone in PM Magazine:

So why is there so much controversy about Wal-Mart? This question could be answered in several ways. First, nearly everyone likes a winner. Wal-Mart's financial success has definitely shown the retailer to be a winner. Sometimes, however, winners can be bullies. And some people view Wal-Mart's power as a bit, or a lot, too much....
He summarizes his own research (linked to on the left sidebar), frames the questions facing local officials, and offers eight solid tips to local officials on how to deal with a new big box...

[H/T: EastSouthWestNorth]

Posted by Kevin on March, 31 2005 at 03:23 PM