March 27, 2005

Another Wal-Mart Blog

Here's another Wal-Mart blog, Behind the Counter written by "BBCAmerican", a customer service representative at a WM Store in Florida. The subtitle is "Tales from the Customer Service Desk Working Wal-Mart Days, Living Wal-Mart Nights." The blog isn't new -- like ALP it started in April 2004 -- but BBCAmerican only starting working there in September (read the post Wal-Mart Hates Unions for fun and profit).

Also note that the writer fears Bush/Cheney above all...

The March 16th entry has a scoop:

Here's another nugget. Wal-Mart kicked vendors out of in-store vending machines this week. ABSOLUTELY ZERO outside vendors allowed in. Only Wal-Mart products. So now, we can't get Coke, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, or even Aquafina or anything like that -- only Wal-Mart of Sam's brand soda and juice. It was supposedly a "security decision" made at the corporate level. They said they were worried about having vendors wandering around the store and allegedly "overcharging" for sodas and stuff. HMMPFPHF! It was a straight up "profit decision."

Posted by Kevin on March, 27 2005 at 07:11 AM