February 9, 2005

TIAA CREF to Pressure WM

The teachers, professors, and researchers pension/investment fund TIAA-CREF is being pressured to push for reform at WM, or to divest from it. As a member of TIAA-CREF, I am STRONGLY opposed to these initiatives:

Pressure Nike and Wal-Mart to end sweatshop abuses worldwide; urge Wal-Mart to stop its destructive impact on local economies and close its Teotihuacan, Mexico store -- or divest from those companies if changes are not made;
In other words, this organization wants to restrict MY investments as well as his own. They can go to hell:
One coalition member is also acting through the shareholders. Citizen's Coalition is submitting a resolution to TIAA-CREF for divestment from Costco and Wal-Mart, before the February 10 deadline.

"Our members have witnessed firsthand the attacks on the environment,
health, labor, and human culture perpetrated by irresponsible corporations,"
says Ballinger.
Others think your views are not only wrong but dangerous...

Posted by Kevin on February, 9 2005 at 12:04 PM