January 17, 2005

Who's the Retailer in India? Not WM

India's very own Sam Walton, Kishore Biyani, closely manages Pantaloon and Big Bazaar:

India�s own Sam Walton (the legendary promoter of Walmart) is quick to seize any advantage. Which is why the denim manufacturer who quit the trade because �it wasn�t creative enough� commands over 1.3 million sq ft of retail space. But even size hasn�t made a difference to Biyani�s vaulting ambitions and he�s on an even faster trajectory of growth. He�s booked over 4.5 million sq ft of space across the country, and will utilise 3 million sq ft by this year�s end in 23 Indian cities....

Even Biyani concedes, �We have a store opening virtually every fortnight; Ihave lost count now of how many I have opened.�

But don�t let Biyani fool you. He keeps a close watch over his empire with the assistance of his two brothers, who are directors in the company.

He might have over 6,000 employees and 300 managers, but the buck stops only with him. Every time a store opens, managers have to rush daily reports for the first 45 days, and it isn�t unusual for Biyani to be fixing any lacunae either over the phone or personally in the store.

Excellent article and personal profile... also, note the Kolkata region... if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere...

Posted by Kevin on January, 17 2005 at 10:21 AM