January 8, 2005

Today's Interesting Links

I'm busy today, so we'll lump the rest of the links into one post:

1) Motley Fool: Wal-Mart Paints Bull's-Eye on Itself

Yesterday, Wal-Mart admitted that it allowed people to take possession of firearms without knowing whether the buyers were criminals.

The dots are plotted. All that's needed now is to find an instance in which a gun sold by Wal-Mart between 2000 and 2003 was, or eventually is, used in a crime. At that point, I'd expect the trial lawyers to start connecting the dots.

2. Bowling Green Daily News: Ex-Wal-Mart location to get new tenants

A major redevelopment project under way at the former Wal-Mart building on Scottsville Road will provide as many as 10 new retail spaces...

The old dilapidated Wal-Mart building has been unsightly to passing motorists for nearly a decade, according to the building�s new co-owner and developer Mark Williams of Williams Properties.

�I think if you took a survey, most people would agree it was an eyesore,� he said. He explained how the new development will rejuvenate the commercial center adjacent to Greenwood Mall.

�We�re putting in a new roof, a new parking lot. It will be a first-class establishment when we�re done and you won�t even be able to tell that it used to be Wal-Mart.�

The ambitious project is not a new concept.

�My partner Jim Martens and I have done similar projects with three old Wal-Marts, this will be our fourth,� he said.

3. Appeal-Democrat: Judge won't halt Wal-Mart project

Saying he found no immediate "irreparable harm," a Yuba County judge on Friday declined to issue a temporary restraining order to stop construction of Wal-Mart's Supercenter in Linda....

The Linda store has been open for more than year, yet "not once did Yuba County Citizens for a Quality Environment or any of its members utter a single concern about any alleged environmental impacts from either the construction or the operation of the store," she wrote. "Despite their apparent lack of concern, (they) now vigorously oppose the expansion of the store into a Supercenter."

Kopper has developed a "cottage industry" of filing lawsuits challenging Wal-Mart Supercenters, she wrote. His other cases are against Wal-Marts in Yuba City, Anderson, Redding, Gilroy and Stockton, Briggs said.

Posted by Kevin on January, 8 2005 at 12:28 PM