January 25, 2005

Some Ballston Spa Residents want to Exclude WM

This story makes pretty clear that anti-WM activists recognize that a vast majority of Ballston Spa residents want a Wal-Mart supercenter, since those shoppers are expected to flock to WM:

BALLSTON SPA --Residents praised the Village Board Monday night for creating a strolling village, then urged officials to reject the proposed Wal-Mart that could alter the village forever.

Concerned Citizens for Smart Growth, a group that has collected petitions with more than 250 signatures against the store.... has created a Web site, www.SaveBallston.com, with petitions and comments online....

Michael Noonan of Charles Street, who has a photography business in the old chocolate factory, said, 'We don't need a super size. We just need a good grocery store.'

A Wal-Mart could hurt many of the unique specialty shops that have sprung up in the village, Noonan said.

'Places that have made this a special place could be put out of business,' Noonan said. 'It just doesn't make sense to have a monstrosity like that come in.'

'I really like the charm of the village,' said Dave Schlitzer, a resident for 1 � years.

'A big-box store could do 'irreparable damage,' he told the board.

This is about making some people better off at the expense of others, which will happen whether or not WM is let in.

Posted by Kevin on January, 25 2005 at 11:07 AM