January 17, 2005


A colorless equality was MLK's dream, not socialist tyrrany:

The concept is everyone that works benefits equally from what the world has to offer. If the home you want is valued at 1,000 hours of work. Then after one year you could buy the same home working at Walmart that the President of Walmart could, using the same credits.
Instead of requiring equal pay and benefits for all employees, which would destroy any company, Wal-Mart has an office of diversity relations with a black VP Esther Silver-Parker:
As vice president of diversity relations for Wal-Mart Stores, Esther Silver-Parker is responsible for diversity efforts related to Wal-Mart's supplier development program and its philanthropic and community relations programs. She also strengthens Wal-Mart's relationships with diversity leaders and organizations in the communities it serves....
The Wal-Mart diversity office was created in November 2003; before that WM never needed to use nonsensible corporate jargon about "workplace diversity", it just employed people regardless of color. But now WM is officially fully committed to a diverse workplace, with the corresponding programs and the like. Here's the fact sheet on diversity at WM.

Posted by Kevin on January, 17 2005 at 10:56 AM