January 5, 2005

Hannaford Squeezes Out WM

An interesting letter to the editor in the Augusta, Maine Kennebec Journal:

Elderly people and others who live in the area can safely walk to the Willow Street store without fear of being run down trying to cross the street at the rotary. Unless I am off base, I thought the Hannaford management was all about serving the needs of the public. There is already one super-size Hannaford off Western Avenue. Do we really need two super-size Hannafords in Augusta? Are they trying to run Shaw's, WalMart, and Sam's Club out of business? If there really is such a need for another Hannaford store, why not locate it somewhere else where it makes more sense?

Hugh E. Sipowicz


Actually Hannaford is just as greedy as the rest of us, Hugh. And it would definitely like to run WM out of business.

Posted by Kevin on January, 5 2005 at 11:42 AM