January 31, 2005

Declaration of Independents

Via BusinessPundit and A Penny For, we find an excerpt of Category Killers: The Retail Revolution and its Impact on Consumer Culture. It discusses how one independent bookseller Wild Rumpus Books competes with the big boys:

Competent, creative independent retailers don�t need to use resistance tactics in order to survive. These merchants understand that, to compete successfully, they must provide something that customers can�t get anywhere else. To run a specialty store that successfully competes with category killers, you have to specialize to an even greater degree. Small, independent booksellers are another category of retailers that need to find a niche if they hope to survive....

The problem with many small independents is that they got into the business because they loved books�not necessarily because they loved selling books. One bookseller who both loves books and loves selling books in a creative way is Collette Morgan, co-owner, with her husband Tom Braun, of the children�s bookstore Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis. In 1992, Morgan, a veteran of the book business, decided to open a store that would be �something a corporate mind would never dream up and that a large company could never sustain; a place that would sell children a good time along with their reading material.�

We'ver previously discussed independent bookstores here and noted one tangentially here.

Posted by Kevin on January, 31 2005 at 02:29 PM