December 14, 2004

Development Permit Abuse

I've written before about the abuse of zoning and development permits to try to keep Walmart out of an area. In fact, the real reason WM wanted a vote (that it eventually lost) in Inglewood, CA is that the local politicians were abusing the regulatory process. Now comes another case where a development permit for one site requires WM to lease another building elsewhere:

Not even Wal-Mart is happy with the Planning Commission's recent approval of a 226,868-square-foot Supercenter and nearly a dozen other retailers in southwest Lodi.

A firm associated with the retail giant was among two to appeal the commission's Dec. 8 approval of the project's environmental report, use permit and tentative parcel map to City Council, said Community Development Director Konradt Bartlam. Doucet & Associates, a Roseville-based civil engineering firm, is contesting two conditions tacked on by the commission, including one that requires Wal-Mart to lease its existing store before it can receive a building permit for the Supercenter.

Like it or not, this type of authority does not really rest in the hands of the planning commission. It's seems like an overt abuse of the power granted to them.

Posted by Kevin on December, 14 2004 at 11:37 AM