December 11, 2004

Another Vote on WM

It was national news when Inglewood, CA had a vote turning away WM; the news was less potent when Chicago, IL agreed to let a WM open up. But there's almost nothing about local activists in Sandy, UT who have filed a petition with the city to get a referrendum on the ballot to block a supercenter:

Residents in Sandy are rallying to stop a super-sized Wal-Mart from coming to their town and now, they have a deadline to do it.

When the city council voted to change zoning rules to allow big box retailers to build on the site of a gravel pit, a group of citizens filed a referendum petition with the city.

Yesterday, the city returned petition packets.

The group has until January 7th, to gather roughly nine-thousand signatures in order to take the issue directly to voters and let them decide.

If this were Queens or Cambridge, this would be all over the national media.

Posted by Kevin on December, 11 2004 at 02:21 PM