November 22, 2004

Stormtrooper Stalks Wal-Mart: Could Darth Vader Be Far Behind?! (humor/*shock* value)

Late last month (Friday, October 29, 2004) Neil Hetzel got all dressed up in an expensive enough suit and yet had nowhere to go, so he went to Wal-Mart to walk around and look at action figures and lingerie with a really good friend of his, who made certain to bring a camera and take plenty of photo's.

Neil's blog post tells the whole story about their adventure, complete with lots of excellent photo's of course (here) [and, while you are visiting that particular post, make sure to watch the video clip of the Trooper Dance too!]:

If true friendship can be measured by your buddy�s willingness to strap on Stormtrooper thigh pieces in the parking lot of Walmart at 10:30pm, then Ryan Farley measures up.

I got my armor earlier this week and its seeming simplicity is surprisingly complex. I�ve worn it twice now to get the feel of it and made adjustments so things hang together correctly. Last night I called Ryan up while I was in the suit and he brought me over to surprise his kids. Everybody enjoyed the show but after a few minutes it just didn�t seem like enough. So we got the brilliant idea that we�d go walk around Walmart and look at action figures and lingerie. [...]

Read the entire post and view all the pix, here.

via Verns blog (here); within his post on the subject, Vern quipped:

Perhaps the Empire can straighten out the world's largest retailer...

Who Knows?!

By the way, a couple of additional photo's are over on Ryan Farley's blog and are well worth checking out as well, here.

Posted by Morgan on November, 22 2004 at 03:45 AM