November 29, 2004

Pittsfield Township Calls in More Big Guns

We saw last month that select residents of Pittsfield Township called in anti-WM experts to stop a new WM in the planning phase.

Well, it seems that they're getting a lot of good press in their effort to make themselves look like they're speaking for everyone:

Robert Hoffman, a Charlevoix businessman who led a successful fight to stop Wal-Mart from locating in his community several years ago, told the group how "multi-faceted" opposition, from petitions to updated traffic studies, deterred the retail giant from building in Charlevoix.

"In order to protect the quality of life in our small town and to prevent a big box superstore from sucking our merchants dry, everyone got involved, including the Chamber of Commerce, businesses, environmental groups - even students," said Hoffman.

His talk was sponsored by Pittsfield Community First, a grass-roots citizens' group dedicated to stopping the project on the 44-acre property bounded by Michigan Avenue, State Road and Old State Road.

After listing complaint after complaint about the proposed WM, the article ends with this:
But one woman defended Wal-Mart and urged those in the crowd not to disparage Wal-Mart customers.

"I'm retired and I appreciate low prices," she said.

Posted by Kevin on November, 29 2004 at 11:33 AM