November 1, 2004

Competing with WM?

An article that seeks to demonstate that competition is a discovery process actually demonstrates that you must always read the byline:

Donny Lowy, who runs,, a wholesale and closeout business, has been able to see how retailers who take this approach are able to hold on to more of their customers even when they do not offer the lowest prices as compared to other retailers.

�One method for building a one on one relationship with your customers is by having a database of your customers which includes their contact information, buying patterns, and selection preferences. By using this method you can also contact your customers when you have a new selection that matches their needs.�

With the landscape becoming very competitive in some local markets, retailers have also been choosing to join the ranks of eBay members who make a living selling on the online auction site.

�eBay is a great way to reach millions of customers who might live in an area in which either a retailers items are not as available, or in an area for which there is a higher demand for those items altogether.� Donny added.

You can also stay competitive by locating closeouts, liquidations, overstock, and surplus through online search engines such as By adding off price merchandise into your inventory you will be able to work on a higher profit margin while offering your customers prices that they will not be able to find, even in a competitive retailer like Wal-Mart.

But note who is writing this:
Donny Lowy is the author of seven books including Secrets of eBay and The Truth about eBay.

He also owns and manages and

No self-interest here.

Posted by Kevin on November, 1 2004 at 03:43 PM