October 24, 2004

Parking at WM

Parking is usually considered difficult at most Wal-Marts. But consider the causes an consequences of far worse parking at most universities:

Picture an enterprise outside of academia, say Walmart, and imagine the customers being unable to find parking spots because a wildly disproportionate number of spots--the best spots, in fact--had been allotted to Walmart employees. Imagine, further, that huge numbers of these coveted spots were usually empty. Customers, if they could find parking spots at all, would park hundreds of yards from the Walmart entrance, and then they would pass dozens of empty parking spots--reserved for boxboys and checkers--as they trudged along to the entrance. Imagine, now, that they had paid for their parking in advance, only to find no available spots. Imagine also that if they happened to park in an empty and perpetually vacant red spot, they would be ticketed and charged an enormous fine equal to many times the daily cost of parking.

This, of course, is what a university does.

Posted by Kevin on October, 24 2004 at 02:25 PM