June 8, 2004

John Menzer Interview

The Chinese People's Daily interviews John Menzer, chief executive of WM International. You have to marvel at the mix of national pride, communist propaganda techniques, and an avid support of market-driven expansion and prosperity:

Excited at talking about Wal-mart's story in China, Mr. Menzer described the incredible way Wal-mart has gone through in China since it entered the country in 1996. Starting with a shopping mall and a membership store in Shenzhen, the giant retailer has extended its business into 18 cities in China with 39 stores employing more than 20, 000 people. The great Chinese culture and the Chinese people full of enthusiasm for development have created Wal-mart's best chain stores.
Wow. Also, it sense an impulse towards a buy Chinese so Chinese work view:
As to the question about whether it would keep on its policy of local procurement, Mr. Menzer answered that they buy goods in bulks locally in all countries, including China.
The rest of the article has Mr. Menzer not answering directly any of the questions asked.

Posted by Kevin on June, 8 2004 at 12:40 PM